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Diversity to Thrive is a new collaborative network of employers and education providers.  Driven by Cornwall Council’s commitment to improving diversity and inclusion for young people across the County.

The network is dedicated to expanding their talent pool and assisting young individuals with Special Education Needs and Disabilities in transitioning to employment.  Offering young people an inclusive and thriving business community in which to find inspiration and opportunities.

The aim is also to change the culture within businesses when it comes to diverse employment.

“Everyone deserves opportunities in Cornwall for employment” (Stephen Roberts, Careers Hub – Cornwall & Isles of Scilly) 

Working in collaboration

The Diversity to Thrive project partners include:

  • Newquay Orchard
  • Careers Hub
  • Cornwall Council
  • Work Your Way

The partner organisations believe that everyone has the right to aspire to the best possible future. Together, the Diversity to Thrive partners have created strong links to the wider Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Employment Forum.  Aiming to increase supported employment opportunities, work experience, and supported internship placements for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) across Cornwall. 

Diversity to Thrive was launched in February 2024 at Newquay Orchard.  The launch event brought together both employers and the young people this project will support. 

“Diversity in the workforce is not only important, but it is also essential.”

 “Employers must have a diverse team who can connect with a diverse range of customers, to ensure they reach their whole customer base. If employers don't embrace diversity in their employees, they are turning their back on a huge percentage of the population and that doesn't make business sense. Equality of opportunity is something I feel strongly about and I am delighted to be part of a movement that supports everyone to have the same opportunity of a fulfilling work life.” (Sarah Anthony, Education Manager at Newquay Orchard)


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